D . C . G

Multi-Faceted Company

Favorite Quotes:      1). Each man was made the same, I just hustle harder.      2). Everyone wants to eat, very few are willing to hunt.       3). The only thing that can stop me, is ME.


Dj Citizen (born September 7, 1977) is a dancehall and reggae writer and sound system selector from Kingston, Jamaica.


He got his start in the sound system arena in the mid 1990s, on Impression Sound System first, then landing in a club by the name of Chocolate’s Lounge. After leaving Chocolate’s Lounge in 1999 to relocate in Ocho Rios, He went on to work at several international clubs spanning from Ocho Rios to Discovery Bay, including Le Studio Dynamite, Classique Night Club, Gemini 2 Night Club and Shades.


He eventually crossed over into song writing and a little bit of deejaying, where he formed his own entertainment group in 2001 named Dj Citizen Group, using his stage name Dj Citizen which was given to him by his friend and also a top Jamaican artist Junior Kelly.


Returning to Kingston to reside after the death of his mother, he joined up with several dance groups including The Delilah Girls, Attitude Girls, Hectic Diamonds, Worldwind Skankaz and Naah Laugh Skankaz.


Naah Laugh Skankaz under his guidance and experience, won the 2015 Dancing Dynamite Competition in Jamaica.


The big break came for his company in 2012, when Jamaica’s first Reggae Artist that sold gold Mr. Lester Bullock “Dillinger” signed to his company Dj Citizen Group.


His company now does bookings for over 30 of Jamaica’s pioneer reggae artists including Dillinger, Big Youth, Jah Thomas, Tony Tuff and Fred locks just to name a few.


He also have a rooster of 15 young Reggae and Dancehall artists.